Self published
Vol1: 12.17
Vol2: 23.18

An ongoing project that focuses on collecting the moments that I share with my boyfriend.


Self published
At exhibition:
El arte como encuentro

by Sue van Roessel

Susanna was not feeling identified with the institutional art. “It is a capitalist world, addressed by and for the same people. Exhibitions opened to public but with pieces too self absorbed; a huge room cold and sterelie ; decisions taken for interest and pieces that only want to be sold”. All very far away of what art is considered to be for her.

The exhibition took place at her home, and she raised an alternative exhibition space with character, history and personal identity, as well as a new way of approaching the exposed work.


Self Published
May 2017
Solo exhibition
O Estudio Gallery, Barcelona.

Prisma is a reflexion of the weight of memories that crop out from love (or the lack of it). A journey that documents an emocional state and a process of  self-knowledg  using as a background the eco of an interpersonal relationship.